Top 5 photoshop tools you should know

Do you want to learn more about Photoshop, but struggling to find the time? Well stick around because I’m going to be sharing with you five essential Photoshop tools. Today i’m going to be showing you five essential photoshop tools.

Patch Tool

The first tool is the Patch Tool. The Patch Tool is an awesome and super useful tool when you’re trying to retouch on fix big blemishes. Unlike the clone stamp it blends the patch with the surrounding areas – say you want to remove some big blemishes like this. draw a selection around the blemish then drag to an area you want to replace it with. Then like magic the blemish is gone.

Content Aware Scale

The second tool is Content Aware Scale. Content Aware Scale is one of photoshop’s unsung heroes. Say you have an image and it’s not quite wide enough and you don’t want to lose any of the top or bottom by cropping it. You can come up to EDIT > CONTENT AWARE SCALE then simply drag it out to fit hit the preserve subject button if there’s a subject you need to preserve.

Content Aware Fill

The third tool is Content Aware Fill. Like the patch tool it allows you to remove and replace sections of an image with what’s around it. It works by analysing the surrounding pixels to try to work out what should be there to say you want to remove this boat select it to come up to EDIT > CONTENT AWARE FILL if you want to change what pixels are sampled paint out that area once you’re done hit OK boom the boat is gone

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Select Subject

The fourth tool is Select Subject. Select Subject can speed up your workflow tenfold. Say you have an image like this you need to isolate the woman from the background come up to the top toolbar here and hit SELECT AND MASK once mask in properties opens up and click SELECT SUBJECT give it a second while Photoshop works its magic then hit OK to mask out the background depending on the image you’re using you might have to get up a little.

Replace color

The fifth tool is replace color. If you need to change the colour of a t-shirt or something quickly replace color can save you masses of time simply come up EDIT > ADJUSTMENTS > REPLACE COLOR use the eyedropper to select the color you want to replace then change the result color at the bottom you might have to tweak the settings a little to get it somewhere you’re happy with but in a pinch it can really save you.

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